Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Fortun Fishbone Table with Round Legs


Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Crosby TV Stand


Round loft industrial dining tables

Round Berg Oak Table with Tube Leg


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Volden Fishbone Table with U Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Tokke Oak Toptable with Modern X Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Fortun Fishbone Table with A Legs


Industrial loft coffee tables

Volden Fishbone Coffee Table with Matrix Leg


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Tonsvik Oak Toptable with Matrix Leg


Handmade industrial loft furniture

The loft is a term for an apartment made in a building after old factories, or warehouses. Industrial-style interiors are characterized by open space and raw materials. Metal, glass, concrete, and raw bricks create a loft atmosphere, which is very often warmed with wood. Industrial furniture uses two raw materials: metal and wood, which makes them extremely durable and timeless.

Ready for Loft offers original furniture in an industrial and loft-style which will be a great solution for the beautiful and functional arrangement of any interior. We produce handmade industrial loft furniture, i.e. tables, coffee tables, for home and restaurant, but also TV stand, and sideboards.

The beauty of the grain and the durability of oak wood are the unique features of the material from which we create our handmade industrial loft furniture. Besides, our furniture is enriched with one more material – metal. Furniture made of wood and metal perfectly matches the latest trends and creates an amazing atmosphere. With these durable raw materials, our products may be used without damage for years.

What’s more, we offer a wide range of finishes and the ability to adjust the dimensions of, for example, the table-top to the customer’s needs within the scope we set.

Poland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg are the countries where Ready for Loft products can be found.

Our handmade industrial loft furniture is a guarantee of the highest quality, professionalism, and unique style. Precision, individual approach, and ease of use are other advantages of our furniture. Our products are characterized by extremely careful and accurate workmanship, which is revealed in every inch, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the interior. Industrial furniture is primarily a hit of modern spaces; they are convenient, comfortable, and functional. The products are made with attention to every detail. We blend an industrial style with an original design.

Industrial loft round and oval dining tables, and coffee tables

Generally, furniture made in the industrial style is associated primarily with austerity and sophisticated elegance.

The table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. We work at it, eat family meals together, talk about important and less important matters, and receive guests. We spend a lot of time at it. Therefore, it must be durable and highly resistant to mechanical damage. These are our industrial loft round and oval dining tables.

Round and oval tables are devoid of sharp edges, which makes them very subtle and thus creates a warm atmosphere to the interior. Our furniture is made of the noblest material that can be made of – wood. For centuries it has been associated with nobility, elegance, durability, and luxury. The offer includes table- tops made of high-quality, sturdy, and durable parquet or solid oak wood, which is characterized by beautiful graining and deep color. Their surface catches the eye with a fishbone pattern, which is a fantastic decoration and adds an artistic expression. Some of them have a metal band around, which has a decorative function but also protects the edges against mechanical damage. What’s more, we will adjust the length and width of the table-top to your needs. With a small or large dining room, we are convinced that you will find something for yourself.

Our tables feature different types of legs i.e. Matrix, Tube, or Olden. A wide range of finishes makes our furniture fit into any interior, from ultra-modern to classic.

Apart from industrial round and oval dining tables our product range includes coffee tables. They are a kind of closure of the arrangement, therefore they should create a coherent whole with the selected space. Our coffee tables feature parquet or solid top with various types of bases Matrix, U-Legs, Olden, and Quad.

Industrial style TV stands, sideboards, and mirrors

In addition to tables, we specialize in the production of industrial-style TV stands, sideboards, and mirrors. They will be the perfect complement to your interior. Industrial mirrors are marked by austerity and minimalism, which perfectly emphasizes the industrial atmosphere of loft rooms, but also captivates lovers of the minimalist style. The mirrors can be rectangular or square, depending on what you need. We offer a flexible range of sizes.

Our offer includes industrial TV stands, which are a combination of functionality and amazing design. They are practical because they have shelves on which you can put decorations and drawers in which you can hide documents and other small items.

Industrial sideboards are sideboards with an austere and unfinished appearance. Their aesthetics eliminate excess and make the form practical. Exposed hardware, unfinished metals and wood, distressed finishes, and factory-inspired pieces all describe the industrial style. The sideboards are made of solid oak wood or pine or oak boards. Their steel structure ensures the stability of the furniture. Many possibilities and finishes make our industrial sideboards timeless and will work well in any interior.

Handmade industrial loft furniture is characterized by the fact that each of them is different and unique. Fashion is changing all the time, but there is furniture that will never cease to be popular and will always look good- this is what characterizes our industrial style TV stands, sideboards, and mirrors.

We would like our catalog to be your inspiration in decorating your home or apartment. We hope that our wide selection of furniture will allow you to arrange the space in your small and larger spaces. We offer various types of wood with a wide range of finishes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We do our work with passion and commitment. Our Industrial style TV stands, sideboards, and mirrors, as well as industrial loft round and oval dining tables, and coffee tables emphasize the character of any interior.