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Industrial Style Dining Room Design

Industrial Style Dining Room Design

Are you fond of industrial style? Are you planning to design your dining room in this amazing and modern style? As a rule, it should be a warm place that will encourage people to celebrate common meals. And the industrial style is associated with the austerity and coldness of industrial old factories. So are the industrial style and the dining room mutually exclusive? Of course not. Here you will find some useful tips and interesting ideas on how to design your industrial-style dining room.

Industrial style dining room design – table and chairs

What is the dining room unimaginable without? The answer is simple – a table. The purpose of the dining room is to celebrate breakfasts, lunches, and gala dinners, therefore the table is an indispensable piece of furniture.

Industrial-style table-tops are most often made of old raw wood. The advantage of such an old wooden table-top is that nothing will happen to it even if something spills out. Their legs are usually made of metal. According to some, this piece of furniture looks a bit like factory worktops, and that’s quite right about that. After all, it is in factories that the industrial style begins.

Round Volden Fishbone Table with Matrix Leg

There are many models of beautiful dining tables on the market. Our offer also includes stylish, industrial tables, which are made of oak parquet or solid top, which will serve for many years. In addition, a metal base in various shapes will provide stability, but also add character. Industrial-style dining room designs cannot miss such a table.

On the other hand, chairs in an industrial-style dining room should be simple and never complete with a table. They always seem a little randomly chosen. In an industrial-style dining room, we can often find chairs that are completely different from each other. One can be metal, the other wooden, the third braided. And although they don’t match, it’s okay. However, if you prefer harmony and want the same chairs, you can easily choose this option. However, you can vary them in terms of colour – and it will be very industrial too!

In industrial-style dining room designs, the table is usually illuminated by a metal lamp with a visible bulb, usually hung in several – two or three. The table lighting made of copper is also fashionable. Often the bulbs are hung on chains or visible wires. Industrial-style lamps are equipped with large lampshades – flat or deep, or the bulbs are covered only with metal cages. After all, the point is that the luminaire should be resistant to damage while giving as much light as possible.

Industrial style dining room floor

The wooden floor in the dining room is the first thing that comes to mind, and there is nothing surprising about it. This is the most universal solution, as the wooden floor fits into any interior, so if you decide to change the style, you will not have to replace the floor. Besides, it is an excellent base for industrial rooms. It will undoubtedly add elegance and coziness, and the fishbone shape or longboards will emphasize the touch of the interior.

Oval Volden Fishbone Table with Matrix Leg

Learn the rules of the industrial style

The industrial style was born in the USA from the need to develop abandoned industrial factories. It used to be compulsion, today it is synonymous with freedom, minimalism, and exclusivity. We will show you fivenecessary elements to bring an industrial atmosphere to your home. These rules may and even have to be applied to industrial-style dining room designs.

Interior colours

Since the industrial style is based on expressive elements, muted colours such as dark blue, dark red, khaki, gray, black and wood are perfect as basic shades for a home in this style. Light colours that give the impression of coolness and neutrality will also work well – so the best shades of pure white, as well as light gray.

Orange, rusty red, dark brown, and light brown accessories are also popular. However, pastels in shades of mint, light blue, or powder pink are also welcome colour accents that make the industrial style simply unique.

Round Volden Fishbone Table with Metal Band with Matrix Leg

Space – the most important thing

Space is the most important element of the industrial style. Remember to arrange the interior so that there are as few divisions as possible – into the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Therefore, avoid the walls, but if they are necessary, leave them without plaster – show what material they are made of.

Raw finish

In an industrial-style interior, similar to old factories, our eyes should be drawn to raw walls, ventilation elements, and pipes. Therefore, it is worth using brick, concrete, steel, glass, and old wood. However, if you do not have the opportunity to emphasize the natural look of the wall, you can try wallpaper with a brick pattern. It also looks very stylish and creates an authentic industrial charm. What is more, wood should be found in industrial apartments not only on the floors – it with a raw finish can appear in the living room in the form of furniture and accessories.


Appropriate additions are the icing on the cake of industrial arrangements. However, the industrial style likes simplicity and minimalism, so be careful not to overdo it. Stylish lighting is an absolute must – a lamp with wire or metal shades, or lamps that resemble ordinary light bulbs suspended on visible are the essence of the loft-style. An interesting idea is also to introduce items from old eras to the interior – a stylish typewriter will perfectly emphasize the style of the interior. Besides, in industrial interiors, functionality is of great importance – a ladder can become an extraordinary decoration, and at the same time a shelf or a characteristic clothes hanger. A great addition to industrial interiors will be a plant, which will give a warm expression.

Unusual furniture with a soul

The industrial-style interiors are suitable for furniture with a long history or those that look worn. They are to emphasize the individuality of the interior. For the industrial space of your apartment to gain authenticity, try to buy furniture that has a long history behind it. It is they who give the space an individual character.