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Industrial Loft Style Bathroom

Industrial loft style bathroom

Every morning when you get up, the bathroom is one of the first places you visit. Also, every evening, after a long day at work, you want to rest and take a bath or shower. It is even more relaxing when the bathroom looks attractive and warm. In fact, the bathroom should reflect your style. A well-designed interior will make you feel relaxed. Thus, if you are a big fan of industrial style, you’re welcomed to read our article.

Characteristics of an industrial loft-style bathroom

The industrial style is associated with open space, but in the bathroom, this criterion – for obvious reasons – has been omitted. The interior, despite the lack of big windows, spaciousness, and high ceilings, can still become fully decorated according to this unusual direction. In the spirit of minimalism, let’s choose neutrals colours: gray, white, black. The arrangement consistency also applies to materials. Most often they are metal, glass, iron, concrete, or brick. The industrial loft-style bathroom also includes exposed pipes, sanitary fittings, hanging cables, designer lighting, geometric toilet bowls, and bathtubs. The industrial loft-style bathroom is not as cold and depressing as you might expect. How to design an industrial-loft style bathroom? Let’s take a closer look at it.

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Bathroom furniture

For an industrial loft-style bathroom, choose a wooden bathroom countertop under the washbasin or an old sideboard that you can use as a basin unit. Ready for Loft’s offer includes industrial sideboards that can be easily installed in the bathroom. For example, the three-shelf Sulby sideboard is made of durable solid oak wood, which is protected with varnish and is resistant to moisture. What is more, a metal structure is responsible for the stability of this beautiful piece of furniture. You can place a washbasin on the top shelf, while the other two can be used to store towels and other accessories.

Colours and materials of industrial loft style Bathroom

Different shades of gray will be perfect for an industrial loft-style bathroom as it resembles concrete and metal. Generally, the industrial style oscillates around grays and blacks. If you want to liven up the room more, you can try colours such as brick red, khaki, rusty orange, or dark blue. As for the use of materials in the bathroom, these will be raw materials such as metal, concrete, red brick, and natural materials like wood.

An industrial-style bathroom does not have to be bathed only in gray. An ideal alternative to this colour is white with a cool hue. You can use it anywhere in the room or only on a selected part of the wall. You can break the white with the warmth of wood and black. Apart from concrete, brick is a characteristic material in industrial interiors. Contrast it with raw gray or cool white. To prevent the brick wall from overwhelming the small bathroom, cover it with snow-coloured paint.

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Floor and walls

A good idea for a floor in an industrial loft bathroom will be concrete look tiles or wood look tiles. The latter will bring a warm tone to the room. Walls that are not in contact with water can be painted with paint in shades of gray, white, or more intense colours, khaki, navy blue, brick red. However, where the wall will be in contact with water, tiles or natural brick that is resistant to moisture will be preferable. The plaster will also work well on the walls.

Fittings and accessories – an industrial loft-style bathroom expects extraordinary solutions

The fittings do not have to fulfill only a practical function, they can also be a great addition and an interesting way to arrange the interior. Both bathtubs and showers look amazing in an industrial style. A white freestanding bathtub on black metal legs can be the perfect way to create a wow effect. Combined with a chrome, square tap, it will create a unique duo. The detail that will change everything is the recently fashionable copper battery. However, the raw and retro look of an old faucet with cast iron industrial valves will be the perfect addition. When you want something original, you can add a black bathtub to your industrial loft-style bathroom. When it comes to the shower, an Italian shower will be a good choice. For a more loft tone, choose a simple and open shower for your industrial loft bathroom.

The exposed plumbing will be a wonderful decorative element as the copper pipes are very industrial. They are reminiscent of old factories. That is why they fit so well with the character of interiors inspired by industrial spaces. To gain an industrial loft-style bathroom, create a visible installation – eye-catching pipes, metal structures made of copper or stainless steel.

An interesting and noteworthy idea is a standing washbasin – this type of sink has an industrial atmosphere. It has an outdoor drain, which perfectly matches the minimalism of a loft-style bathroom. Although it is not as practical as the washbasin that is placed on the sideboard.

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Lamps and mirrors

Industrial lamps can perfectly emphasize and at the same time illuminate the harshness of industrial materials and accessories. Industrial lamps are available in many variants – from minimalistic to very expressive models. When arranging a bathroom, it is worth thinking about the combination and appropriate arrangement of various types of these lamps. Together, they will create beautiful compositions that can be freely modified over time.

An indispensable addition to any industrial loft-style bathroom is undoubtedly a mirror. It is a very functional and decorative element that will visually enlarge the room. A simple and minimalistic Calby or Sende mirror in the shape of a square or rectangle will be the perfect complement to such a bathroom.

In a word of the summary

The industrial loft-style bathroom is dominated by cool and raw colours. The characteristic elements are brick, concrete, steel elements, or visible pipes and cable. When arranging a loft bathroom, you should give up ornaments and decorations. The decoration function should be performed by unusual, designer furniture with an interesting, original form and unusual materials and colours. The cool decor can be complemented by a floor made of natural wood or stoneware imitating a board.