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Industrial Coffee Tables Ideas

Industrial Coffee Tables ideas

In every living room, apart from comfortable furniture and interesting accessories, you need a coffee table. It should emphasize the style of the room and decorate the interior. Coffee tables should be large enough, but also easy to move. Therefore, the most important thing when buying them is functionality, which does not mean that you should not pay attention to aesthetics. Here it is worth focusing on extravagant and inventive solutions. Example? Industrial-style table! We will show you some industrial coffee table ideas.

What is the characteristic of an industrial table?

An industrial coffee table, first of all, should be made of high-quality solid or parquet wood, with a lot of grain or natural “decorations”. The legs of the table can be made of black stainless metal, preferably forged. You can choose both decorative bends arranged in geometric shapes so consistent with the industrial order, and you can also follow the path of simplicity, relying mainly on symmetry and right angles. Metal and wood is a stunning combo regarding industrial-style furniture.

Volden Fishbone Coffee Table with U Legs

Why is it worth choosing an industrial coffee table and what interior will it fit in?

Why is it worth choosing an industrial table? First of all, due to the enormous quality of workmanship, as well as its versatility. The first factor is primarily about functionality. Industrial furniture, as already emphasized, is made of solid or parquet oak wood. This, in turn, is conducive to long-term use without losing aesthetic values, as well as utility comfort.

In addition, industrial tables are very versatile pieces of furniture. It can perfectly break the coziness of a chubby chick arrangement, the symmetry and museum character of classic spaces, or the futurism of avant-garde apartments. It will also be perfect for Scandinavian, rural and rustic interiors. Thanks to this, industrial tables can be often found in companies, offices, marketing agencies, law firms, hotels, or restaurants.

Olden Round Oak Coffee Table

Why are industrial tables so universal?

The ones Ready for Loft offers are not only elegant and aesthetic but most importantly also practical. The offer includes round, square, and rectangular coffee tables, and additionally in many colours. However, if you want a piece of furniture to blend in with the interior of the room in which it will be located, you should first of all pay attention to the style and finish of the countertop. And you have many finishing options, thus gaining many industrial coffee table ideas.

Recommended industrial coffee table ideas

Opt for elegance

In an industrial-style apartment, neutral colours should prevail – gray, brown, white, black and dark, brick reds. The material characteristic of the industrial style is metal. Both furniture, lamps, and decorative elements should be made of metal. That is why a typical industrial coffee table is made of metal black legs and a table-top of natural and durable wood. Universal and extremely elegant black colour combined with an oak table-top, which is synonymous with elegance and class, create a beautiful and stylish combination.

A bit of Scandinavia – white is always on time

This is a proposal for lovers of modern and minimalist interiors. A table bathed in white will be a perfect complement to a living room decorated in black & white, pastel, or beige colours. The Scandinavian style has been very popular for many years. It allows you to arrange bright, spacious, and cozy interiors with a slightly modern touch. As furniture and accessories in this style are easily available, there is no problem finding models that will create a coherent whole in an arrangement. A Scandinavian-style coffee table, wooden, with a metal base – a top made of wood with traces of carpentry work, plus a white base. It is a design inspired by nature in its pure form. Even the massive metal base does not overwhelm the optically light Scandinavian arrangement. All thanks to the pleasant, bright colour of the raw material.

Raw metal – perfect for modern interiors

Among the many industrial coffee table ideas, there is one that leaves a base in its natural metal colour. Protected only with a colourless matt varnish, it shines with its severity. The coldness of the metal is warmed by a wooden oak table-top, decorated with a fashionable fishbone pattern. Such a table will be perfect for living rooms decorated in a modern style.

A rustic living room with an industrial table

Rustic interiors will be welcomed by our industrial coffee tables. Mostly because the rustic style is solid wood pouring out of every nook and cranny of the house. The type of wood is not as important as its natural, original appearance with clearly marked grains and knots – the more there are, the better. Here are some industrial coffee table ideas in rustic-style. We recommend choosing a darker table-top with a white base, or a light table-top with dark legs. This is a perfect industrial coffee table idea that allows you to place the table in a rustic interior.

Amazing colours

Apart from the above-mentioned industrial coffee table ideas, you can create a unique colour combination yourself. We offer a wide range of table-top and leg finishes and. For example, a green varnished top with silver legs will work in the modern living room or a blue top with a white base, perfect for a Scandinavian-style interior. How about a yellow table-top with a black base? Yellow will be an accent element that will enliven the interior.

Black Olden Round Oak Coffee Table

Various shapes

We focused on colours, but the shape also plays a significant role and increases the field for showing off when it comes to industrial coffee table ideas and their use. Our offer includes square, rectangular and round tables. Subtle round tables are perfect for living rooms with various types of seats. This shape of the furniture is fashionable, handy, and gives the room a charm. When most of the furniture has straight lines, you can opt for a square or rectangular top to emphasize the functionality of the living room. Of course, this does not mean, however, that a round coffee table will not work in such an interior, on the contrary – it can break the style a bit and give it an original character.