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Industrial Loft Round Dining Tables

Round loft industrial dining tables

Round Berg Oak Table with Tube Leg


Round loft industrial dining tables

Oval Berg Oak Toptable with Matrix Leg


Round loft industrial dining tables

Round Berg Oak Table with Matrix Leg


Round loft industrial dining tables

Round Volden Fishbone Table with Tube Leg


Round loft industrial dining tables

Oval Volden Fishbone Table with Matrix Leg


Round loft industrial dining tables

Oval Berg Oak Toptable with Modern X Legs


Round loft industrial dining tables

Round Volden Fishbone Table with Matrix Leg


Round loft industrial dining tables

Oval Berg Oak Toptable with Round Legs


The industrial style has been a sensation in the world of design for years. The industrial style was born overseas in the 1950s. It was then that many factories, halls, and warehouses were abandoned, and over time they were converted into apartments. Artists in particular are fond of this style. Currently, the industrial style is perceived as a synonym of luxury and being up-to-date. These are primarily large spaces that give a feeling of freedom that is perfect for unruly individualities. Brick walls or accessories in the form of lamps or other elements on which rust will be visible are characteristic features of this style. Besides, raw materials or concrete elements are the essences of the industrial designs. In addition, a few metal finishes and a delightful effect are guaranteed!

So beautiful because industrial

The industrial style definitely likes minimalism and simplicity, although it does not disdain various interesting, stylish accessories. Especially when it comes to lamps, both ceiling and free-standing. The more interesting the shape and materials that were used to make it, the better. A lamp made of wires or maybe an ordinary, large bulb on an interesting stand.

The combination of wood and metal will look not only exclusive but also interesting. A real "must-have" table is a large table with a beautiful, wooden, and slightly uneven top and an unusual arrangement of metal legs.

The advantages of an industrial loft round dining tables

The dining room is a place where a table cannot be missed. And the round tables are undoubtedly universal furniture that will be used in homes or apartments, where they will be used not only for a shared meal but also for direct conversation.

The industrial loft round dining table can be successfully used in small interiors, especially in square rooms, where it will look more delicate and refined than square or rectangular ones. The main advantage of round tables is the possibility of placing a different number of chairs next to them, in an even or odd number than with square or rectangular tables, the construction of which forces us to set a specific and even number. With this opportunity, we can save a lot of space and develop only as much space as we need at a given moment. For this reason, it is perfect for small spaces. It will also look great in a larger dining room - a large surface will emphasize its charm. It looks best in the middle of the room. Another advantage of round dining tables is that the arrangements with them have a lot of lightness.

What is more, if you're the parent of a small, run-away toddler, the round dining table is also a choice for you. A table without corners is much safer for children.

What’s so special about our industrial loft round dining tables?

We specialize in the production of industrial loft furniture, especially tables, which combine carefully selected materials and simple yet unique forms. Thanks to their functionality and visual qualities, they will enrich the living room space. Durable, resistant to damage, and fashionable, despite the trends that change from season to season, they will enjoy the eye for many years after the purchase. We use high-quality, durable wood and metal for the production of tables. The combination of these two materials is very characteristic of the industrial style.

Our industrial loft round dining tables are crafted in parquet or solid oak wood. The oak table-top undoubtedly introduces a touch of luxury and elegance to any interior. Such a table-top will perfectly match modern design, but also traditional decor. The oak table-top is resistant to damage and dirt. The parquet table-top of our hand-made industrial loft round dining tables are characterized by an original herringbone pattern that attracts attention, giving it an original overtone.

The metal base ensures the stability of the table, but it can also emphasize its uniqueness. Our offer includes tables with Matrix, Tube, and Olden types of legs.

Our offer includes solid and parquet table-tops. For parquet table-tops, their thickness is 3.5cm. In turn, the solid tops are 4.5 cm thick with the possibility of finishing the sides at an angle of 45 degrees. We also offer solid oak countertops, the thickness of which is 2.5 cm. As for the sizes of the tables, you can easily choose them yourself to the size of the dining room. You can order a solid top with a diameter of 100 to 180 cm or a parquet top from 100 to 150 cm. In addition to resizing, you can also customize the color and finish. By default, the table-top is covered with a colorless mat, but you have a choice of a different variant, i.e. any color from the SOPUR catalog. In the case of bases, you have 3 options, and legs can be covered with a clear matte varnish, matte black varnish, or any RAL color. Such a wide range of finishes allows our industrial loft round dining tables to fit into any interior.

Some of our models have a band around the top. It has a great decorative function but also protects the edges. We can cover the metal band with the same finish as the table base so that both elements form a coherent whole.

Our offer also includes a unique industrial table, the top of which is covered with a black mat.

We make every effort to ensure that our handmade Industrial loft round dining tables are distinguished by the highest quality, original design and that they meet the expectations of our customers. A wide range of finishes and the ability to adjust dimensions are great convenient. In addition, our industrial loft round dining tables will be great not only in spacious lofts and apartments arranged in an industrial, industrial style. Surrounded by harmoniously selected accessories, they will emphasize their charm also in apartments decorated in a traditional style, they will also suit warmer Scandinavian interiors.