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Industrial Loft TV-Stands And Sideboards

Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Baldrine Chest of Drawers


Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Crosby TV Stand


Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Braddan Chest of Drawers


Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Sulby Dresser


Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Cronk TV Stand


Industrial loft stands and sideboards

Cooil TV Stand


How to recognize industrial loft TV-stand and sideboards? How do they stand out from the rest? At the beginning, you need to know that industrial-style sideboards aren’t only made of metal, but also wood with metal elements, which in an extremely subtle way combine the properties of two extremely different in aesthetics raw materials. Both metal and wood are widely used in this furniture, which not only emphasizes their economical, sometimes even strict style, but also guarantees comfort and convenience during use.

Sideboards are more than a practical storage space

The TV-stands or sideboards have a unique role. It is not located in the center of the living room, such as a coffee table or a lamp. However, this doesn’t mean that it will go unnoticed. When serving with a meal, you will reach for it many times. It is also the best place to display family photos or stylish accessories and decorations. During family celebrations, such as Christmas or birthday parties, it becomes the star of the living room. Having spacious drawers, the sideboard will serve as a good place to store documents.

The style of industrial loft tv-stands and sideboards

Industrial TV-stands or sideboards are massive, solid and stylish furniture, and their workmanship is extremely precise and perfectly intertwined with simple shapes. Made of high-quality wood, they are extremely fashionable products. Metal, in turn, is one of the essential components of industrial furniture and plays one of the main roles in this style.

Industrial sideboards with metal elements look stylish, emphasize the style of the interior and are extremely durable. Fashionable, sturdy and effective, metal frames of industrial loft TV-stands and sideboards are an indispensable element of loft interior design. Thanks to metal, black components, this industrial furniture gain a raw, loft character, which is directly responsible for the arrangement effect in the interior. With their help, you can give the room expressiveness, so important in creating individually furnished interiors.

Our tv-stands and sideboards

In our collection you can find a broad spectrum of industrial loft TV-stands and sideboards. We can put them both in the living room and in the bedroom. A sideboard, which will create a space for displaying decorative knick-knacks will be a success in the living room. A classic TV-stands, on the other hand, will best fulfill its task in a bedroom or living room. Most of them have a solid oak top, which will be perfect for any interior thanks to its timelessness.

It might seem that raw metal isn’t able to surprise us with anything positive. Because what to expect from a hard, not very friendly to home interior material? It turns out that, contrary to all appearances, you can really expect a lot from it. Numerous examples of the use of metal furniture and accessories prove that this material, in addition to purely practical values, also offers aesthetic values. An excellent example are the industrial loft TV-stand and sideboards available in our offer.

Our offer embodies three stylishly designed TV-stands and three unusual and practical sideboards. Each of them will bring a bit of style and strong touch to the room. Cooil TV-stand features two metal drawers and one open shelf. What's more, it is possible to configure these drawers, i.e. they can be located on the right or on the left side. Our next TV cabinet, Crosby, is very similar to the previous one, but it has four drawers, two on each side, and one open shelf between them. We haven’t forgotten about those of you who like larger TV cabinets. Attractive Cronk has six roomy drawers, three on each side and a shelf in the middle.

Our two sideboards Baldrine and Braddan have table-top made of pine or oak boards. Both have three drawers located under the top. The difference is that the Braddan TV cabinet has two open shelves, while the Baldrine only one.

Our last sideboard, pretty as a picture Sulby is characterized by a simple form, it will appeal to those who love minimalism. Unlike the other two, it is made of a solid oak top, 4 cm thick. It has no drawers, only 3 open shelves.

As for the dimensions of our TV-stands and sideboard, they are very diverse. That is why we are convinced that you will find a furniture that will perfectly fit into the interior of your living room or bedroom. The depths and heights remain the same, although they vary depending on the model. However, you can choose the width of the sideboards or TV-stands from the range provided by us.

As in the case of our other furniture, we offer a variety of variants when it comes to finishing the industrial loft TV-stands and sideboards. And yes, the tops are covered with a colorless matt varnish by default, but we offer you the shade that suits you best from the SOPUR catalog. In this way, you can match the color of the top to the chosen style in your room. Also, when it comes to metal elements, you have a wide selection, colorless matt, matt black or any RAL color. If your interior is industrial-style, we recommend covering steel elements in black, Scandinavian or rustic styles are fond of bright color. The choice of colors makes our furniture fit practically into any interior.

Industrial sideboards will certainly be an interesting diversification of the space. Their workmanship oscillates between warm wood and cool material, which is metal - a neat combination of these two materials contributes to the creation of an original piece of furniture. The presented style will be a unique enrichment of the living room, hall or bedroom space. The industrial loft TV-stands and sideboards will perfectly match interiors arranged in a Scandinavian, loft, rustic or industrial style. Precise workmanship and the use of the highest quality materials will certainly contribute to the full satisfaction of even the most demanding customers.

Our range of industrial style TV-stands and sideboards have been carefully selected so we are convinced that you can create modern design in your own home. We create TV-stands and sideboards with passion, taking care of every detail.