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Industrial Loft Mirrors

Industrial Loft Mirrors

Calby Mirror


Industrial Loft Mirrors

Sende Mirror


Our range of products includes the necessary furniture that must be found in every home. For this reason, we have not forgotten about mirrors. This small accessory will decorate any interior that cannot be missed in an elegant and stylish home. Mirrors, due to their style, affect the appearance of the interior and give it the right character. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with ours industrial loft mirrors. Our collection includes handmade mirrors characterized by high quality, simplicity, and refined elegance.

In the past, having a mirror was a sign of prosperity and high social standing. Nowadays, a mirror is not only a functional object that must be in our home, it is also a high-class accessory that adds splendor to any type of space. After all, it is a way to optically enlarge the space, and the larger it is, the more luxurious we can talk about it.

The exceptional charm of industrial loft mirrors

Industrialism is a style that is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, the dominance of black, and austerity of forms. Initiated in the 1950s in the USA, it has become one of the most popular factions when it comes to interior design. Austerity does not mean cold - the appropriate integration of accessories makes the rooms friendly and atmospheric. Both mirrors and other equipment are made of cold materials, such as black lacquered metal. Industrial mirrors are simple forms, thin frames with a nice raw look.

As was mentioned the industrial style is synonymous with space and minimalism. Hence, it is characterized by open spaces that can be successfully enlarged by mirrors in a metal frame as they create the illusion of space. And if you arrange an apartment in a loft-style, there must be seemingly simple accessories that emphasize this minimalism.

Industrial loft mirrors are characterized by austerity and simple form, which perfectly emphasizes the industrial atmosphere of industrial rooms, but also captivates lovers of the minimalist style. Among them, there are extremely stylish mirrors with a rectangular or square shape. They delight with their original design. Such mirrors are a perfect solution not only in modern industrial interiors. They can also be an interesting addition to classic arrangements, to which they will bring a hint of modernity and a bit of industrial touch.

Industrial loft mirrors will be perfect complement for a tasteful hall, bathroom, or bedroom, where in addition to decoration against the background of a brick or concrete wall, it will also fulfill its utility function. If properly placed in the room, they will certainly bring out all its advantages and emphasize its atmosphere.

Unusual industrial loft mirrors are one of the most interesting proposals when it comes to decorative elements. Modern mirrors fit not only with modern interiors - our products can easily be found in all houses and apartments. We recommend choosing them for different rooms, depending on the needs and preferences of the household members.

Our unusual industrial loft mirrors

It is the frame that turns an ordinary piece of glass into a beautiful, stylish accessory. Our collection includes two types of mirrors frame. The steel frame of the Calby mirror is made of a 6x2cm profile angle iron. The steel frame of the Sende mirror is made of a flat bar and a 6x1 cm profile. Because we offer various sizes, you will get charming square or rectangular industrial loft mirrors. The width of the mirror ranges from 50 cm to 150 cm, while its height is from 50 to 240 cm.

The frames of our stunning industrial loft mirrors can assume various shades of colors. As a manufacturer of industrial furniture, we can boast of a wide range of finishes for our products. We offer three variants from which you can choose the finish of the mirror frame, i.e. colorless matt showing the cool nature of metal, timeless and universal black matt varnish, and giving many possibilities for any RAL color.

Rectangular or square

Mirrors in a rectangular frame are simply timeless classics that will fit anywhere. Any style of interior design will take this form with openness. To make it look a bit more original instead of hanging it, you can just lean it against the wall. Simple shape - great effect. A tall, rectangular mirror based on shear will be the perfect finish for a compact room. It is also an expression of luxury. Rectangular mirrors - especially wall mirrors - have the advantage that they can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

Square mirrors are an interesting form of an inseparable element of interior design. It impresses with its practical shape and a simple frame. They are most often used in bathrooms and hallways, where they are used for browsing, makeup, or other cosmetic activities.

Mirror - sleek and stylish interior equipment

Due to modern trends and innovative solutions, mirrors allow for even more arrangement possibilities. Their beautiful design and precise finish make them also suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. They perfectly cope with filling a decorative role. They combine a practical function with a decorative one, which is entirely a response to the needs of modern customers.

Mirrors have many advantages, and properly selected ones will illuminate our bathroom, living room, hall, or bedroom and affect its final effect. Remember to choose mirrors based not only on their appearance but also on the quality of the glass they are made of. In our offer, you will find mirrors to size made of high-quality material, in a careful and precise way. Properly selected mirrors can work wonders with interiors!

The presented mirrors are distinguished by an extraordinary appearance that cannot be passed by indifferently. A wide range of finishes and a wide range of dimensions will allow you to choose according to your tastes and preferences. This will certainly allow you to create many interesting arrangements. Among the presented models, enthusiasts of modern, raw, or minimalist interiors, as well as those who prefer traditional arrangements will surely find something for themselves.