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Industrial loft dining tables

Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Volden Fishbone Table with Matrix Leg


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Volden Fishbone Table with U Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Vagamo Oak Toptable with Matrix Leg


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Volden Fishbone Table with Dalby Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Fortun Fishbone Table with Matrix Leg


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Berg Oak Toptable with Matrix Leg


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Berg Oak Toptable with U Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Fortun Fishbone Table with A Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Fortun Fishbone Table with Round Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Volden Fishbone Table with X Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Berg Oak Toptable with X Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Vagamo Oak Toptable with X Legs


Industrial Loft Dining Tables

Vagamo Oak Toptable with U Legs


Can you imagine a book without pages? Can you imagine life without air? No? And can you imagine a dining room without a table? Of course not. It is a basic piece of furniture that should not, but must be present in every dining room. Wood is a characteristic material for the industrial style. For this reason, industrial tables are made of high-quality wood, designed in such a way that brings to mind the passing of time. Speaking of industrial style, you cannot forget about metal. Our tables have bases made of this raw material. A good industrial table has many different forms, so the choice is very wide and everyone can find a model that will fit perfectly into the design of the entire apartment. The industrial table will not disappoint you in any way, it will be a beautiful companion in everyday life with so much going on. Our range boasts a variety of rectangular, round, and oval industrial loft dining tables!

Characteristic features of our industrial loft dining tables

Our offer includes rectangular industrial loft dining tables with oak parquet or solid oak table-tops. The first ones can be 6 or 8 cm thick, while the solid ones are 4 cm thick. It should be mentioned that in solid table-tops the edges may be thicker, which will make the table-top look stronger and more massive. Round tables are also made of a 3.5 cm thick parquet oak top, while those with a solid top are 4.5 cm thick. Furthermore, our tables with parquet tops are characterized by an eye-catching fishbone pattern. For rectangular shapes, you can choose from two types of this pattern, Visgraat, and Hungarian. How are these two types of patterns different? Well, the first one is distinguished by a distinctive arrangement of wooden boards, in which the short sides of one plank about the long side of the other form a fishbone pattern. The second one, the Hungarian pattern, is a pattern in which the boards are adjacent to each other with their short sides at a certain angle, also creating a herringbone pattern. It should be mentioned that oak countertops are visually attractive, but also ecological, practical, and durable, e.g. resistant to various mechanical damage. They add warmth and coziness at the same time. Wood is such a universal material that it will suit any interior design. Moreover, it will never cease to be fashionable.

Some of our table-tops are embedded in an angle bar frame. This so-called metal band will serve as a decorative element, but also protect the edges of the table-top.

Our industrial loft dining tables feature metal legs of various shapes. The base of each table is an important element of this piece of furniture because it determines its stability. Additionally, the table legs determine the character that the table will give to the dining room.

Matrix Legs also called 'spider' legs, are located in the center of the table-top, ensuring the stability of the furniture, but also the comfort of sitting. Tables with a U-shaped base look very elegant, the legs are not an obstacle when sitting on the long side. Also, tables with round legs look sleek, and with their simplicity, they add a bit of delicacy to the furniture. In turn, looking unique X-shaped legs provide stability and make the table massive and durable. Although Dalby legs are made of a thin profile, they are stable support and add lightness. A-shaped legs are commonly used in industrial and rustic table designs, and with their elegant and simple form, they make the table look spectacular. In addition to the above-mentioned leg shapes, among the round tables, you can meet Tube or Olden Legs.

Industrial loft dining tables are a unique combination of a durable wooden top with stable metal legs. Despite the fact that they are made of durable materials, the table elements should be protected so that they will serve for many years. By default, the tops are varnished with a colorless mat, but the SOPUR catalog is also available to our customers. For the base, we offer more options. The legs can be covered with a colorless mat, black mat, or any RAL color.

Oval or rectangular, which one to choose?

When it comes to round and oval tables, they will work well in both small and larger interiors. Because they do not have sharp edges, they bring geometric coherence and harmony to the interior. It has a spacious tabletop, and sitting next to it is comfortable - no one has to sit opposite an uncomfortable corner. All persons sitting at the table face each other and can talk freely. Unfortunately, it cannot be pushed against the wall to gain more space.

A rectangular dining table is a classic choice. The biggest advantage is the ability to fit into virtually any interior, especially the one with a modern design. It also works great in those small rooms, it takes up little space, if so, there may be an option to unfold it. Sharp edges can be a threat, especially when there are small children in the house, the fact that sometimes more people have to be accommodated, which can be uncomfortable because some will have to sit right next to the corner.

Various dimensions

We are a furniture manufacturer open to customer needs. We offer a wide range of finishes so that you can match our industrial loft dining tables to any interior style. We also offer a wide selection of tables in terms of the shapes of the base. The offer includes rectangular oval and round tables. What's more, you do not have to worry about the size - no matter if you have a small or large dining room - you can adjust the dimensions and diameters of the table-top by selecting them from the following range:

  • Rectangular and oval tables
  • width: from 80 to 120 cm
  • length from 140 to 380 cm
  • Round tables
  • Diameter from 100 cm to 150 cm for parquet tops
  • from 100 to 180 for solid oak tops

The industrial loft dining tables shown in our offer will be an excellent solution for arrangements in the industrial style, but also the more classic ones. Thanks to a simple form and austere style, each space will gain an original character.