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Industrial Loft Coffee Tables

Industrial loft coffee tables

Round Berg Oak Coffee Table with Quad Leg


Industrial loft coffee tables

Round Berg Oak Coffee Table with Matrix Leg


Industrial loft coffee tables

Volden Fishbone Coffee Table with U Legs


Industrial loft coffee tables

Volden Fishbone Coffee Table with Matrix Leg


You could use a small coffee table where you can put a cup of coffee and your favorite book. Or maybe you want more space to put snacks on it during the evening movie marathons, which is why you need a coffee table. An industrial loft coffee table is a small piece of furniture that makes a big difference in your living room, so look for the one that best suits your interior.

Modern elegance - stylish wooden coffee tables for every living room

A coffee table is a must-have for every living room. Apart from the fact that you will be able to treat your guests with coffee, this piece of furniture will be an interesting decoration of the room. Nowadays, loft or industrial interiors are a frequent choice of interior design. If only for this reason, it is worth equipping the living room with an industrial loft coffee table.

Raw loft furniture is characterized by a simple form and is an excellent choice for any person who follows interior design trends and wants to enjoy an apartment maintained in an avant-garde style. Minimalist industrial loft coffee tables produced by our company are maintained in an industrial style referring to the factory realities. Due to their structure, some of them can also be used as a bedside or auxiliary table.

Our industrial furniture will create a unique atmosphere in every home and apartment. Coffee tables are seemingly insignificant and, at the same time, much-needed furniture in our living room. It is a piece of furniture with a relatively simple structure, light and not taking up too much space. The light coffee table can be moved to any place you want at any time. Thanks to the high mobility of products, you can arrange the space in any way according to your own needs and tastes. Their sophisticated and innovative design allows you to decorate any interior with fantasy.

What are our industrial loft coffee tables?

Overall, the industrial style draws inspiration from the industrial achievements of the 19th and 20th centuries. Its austere character is especially liked by young people who appreciate practical minimalism and original interior design elements. Industrial loft coffee tables are unique because they are modeled on workshop furniture. Simple forms and the lack of unnecessary decorations make industrial tables very universal and fit into many arrangements. This type of solution is used by, among others lovers of Scandinavian interiors, fans of eclectic variations, and people looking for modern additions to minimalistic houses. Wooden coffee tables are the most often bought and this is what we offer. Check out our collection of industrial loft coffee tables, thanks to which you will arrange your living room in an interesting way!

Our industrial loft coffee tables are made with the highest precision and attention to detail. We create them using solid or parquet wood, while the legs are made of metal profiles. Various sizes and heights make it easy to choose an item of equipment that fits perfectly in a specific loft room. We have typical raw solutions, as well as those that will be able to warm the interior with their form and colors and bring a home atmosphere to it.

Our industrial loft coffee tables are a combination of natural, oak wood, and modern metal structures. It makes the industrial-style coffee tables very durable and easy to clean. With these crucial elements, we are able to offer high-quality coffee tables.

Different basics - even more possibilities!

Our industrial coffee tables have various bases. You will find tables on the spatial Matrix leg, which allow you to move freely around the table, increasing the functionality of your living room. The tops of our tables are also placed on massive Quad legs, which ensure the stability of the structure. We also offer tables on Olden Legs made of a 1.2 cm bar, which look very elegant, and tables on U Legs, which, located on the sides of the table, provide a solid support for a massive table-top.

Just like our dining tables, industrial loft coffee tables feature oak table-tops. Oak wood has several advantages, i.e. it is hard and heavy, abrasion-resistant, and, above all, highly stable. As if that was not enough, it has an extraordinary appearance; its diversified structure, bright color, and beautiful graining are undoubtedly its advantages.

We offer beautifully-designed, rectangular, and round industrial loft coffee tables. Rectangular tables have an oak parquet top with an eye-catching herringbone pattern. Moreover, their thickness is 6 cm, so the table is massive and stable. In turn, the tables are round with a solid oak top, 2.5 cm or 4 cm thick. Rectangular or square coffee tables can be 60cm to 100cm wide, 60cm to 140cm long, and 30cm to 60cm high. However, the width of round tables is from 30 cm to 80 cm, and their height can be in the range of 30 cm to 60 cm.

In our collection, you will find a wide selection of table element finishes. Our table-tops are covered with a colorless matte varnish by default, but if you are interested in a different shade, please see the SOPUR catalog. When it comes to metal elements, we have quite a lot of finishes here. The legs of an industrial loft coffee table can be covered with a colorless matte, black matte, or any RAL color. True, it's amazing. Thanks to this, our coffee table will fit into the decor of any interior.

Functional and stylish coffee tables

Industrial tables and their simple shapes and geometric lines make them a perfect solution for people who like to add character to the interior through accessories - colorful decorations, fruit bowls, and colorful flowers in vases will beautifully match the blackened steel and natural wood. Industrial-style coffee tables are undoubtedly furniture that is easy to keep clean.

Our handmade coffee tables are distinguished by their reliability, high quality, thickness of the tops, and a diverse selection of bases. We are convinced that you will surely find something for yourself. On the one hand, the wide range of dimensions means that you can suck the coffee table to the size of your room. On the other hand, a wide range of finishes makes the table fit in any interior, creating a harmonious whole with it. Our industrial loft coffee tables embody refined elegance and subtle expression.