Imagine welcoming interiors where everyone would want to spend time, daydream, and create the best memories. We create unique furniture meant for this kind of interiors, which we refine down to the tiniest detail. At Ready for LOFT we do not use shortcuts, we focus on perfect products with impressive quality and details.

We have been guided by this way of thinking since 2014, when our first flagship products were created – oak tables that reached the Dutch market. The image of industrial and simple forms and massive countertops evolved from some random ideas sketched on pieces of paper. The effects exceeded our expectations, and the tables we then created have been captivating customers throughout the years. Today, we want the Ready for LOFT products to become the heart of home and business events.

Quality? No compromises!

Right from the very first days we have been operating as if in a small and original manufactory. What matters to us is quality craftsmanship and flawless quality, which requires the meticulous work of human hands. For the tops of our furniture, we choose high quality oak wood. We finish them by ourselves – we manually polish them till they are velvety smooth, and finally – we thoroughly impregnate them. Our furniture features steel legs, which are shaped and colored deeply by ourselves.

While others are focused on fast, mass production – we take a different direction. We go a step further and go for furniture that is not only incredibly impressive and durable, but best expresses your personality as well.